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Working from Home: Design Trends for the Home Office

Interior Design Workshop Series: Video#2

Countless numbers of households are rethinking their home’s layout to accommodate remote learning and home offices. If you have used the kitchen island as an office “hub”, repurposed a guest room for uninterrupted Zoom calls, or dusted off the shelves of an outdated office space, it may be time to commit to creating an official home office or learning space.

The good news is your home office is your office. You don’t need to restrict yourself to design aesthetic rules of a workplace brand anymore. You have the creative freedom to customize the space based on your own comfort preferences and design style.

In this video, Julie Shaheen from Jewel Marie Interiors showcases home office design trends to help you navigate the options available. You’ll also learn about how the home furnishings industry is incorporating new home office features into their designs, such as hidden filing cabinets, printer cubbies, and more.

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Whether you have a designated office space or a corner of a room set aside for work, we love helping clients create a home that brings the best out of them. We can help you determine the space required for an office and the items you will want to make the workspace efficient and enjoyable for everyone in the family. While these times are certainly challenging, Jewel Marie Interiors can help you make modifications to positively affect how you live and work. If you have a project that you’re interested in speaking with us about you can book a 20 minute discovery call on our website.

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