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The Shamrock Guide to Interior Design

A Rule of Three application: Wall art, accessories, lighting make for a stunning fashion statement.

While we’re in the season of the Shamrock, did you know that this three-leaf Irish symbol can also be a guide for interior design?  Interior design has its “Rule of Three” that basically says objects look better and are more memorable in groups of three. It can be applied to table-top display, the use of color, placement of wall art, lighting, or even the entire layout of a room.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on a different three-point interior design play: the big three of jewel colors. They include sapphire blue, ruby red, and the very timely emerald green. There are other jewel tone colors, but in the same way these three dominate the world of precious gems, they can also make a memorable décor statement.

Interior designers are fond of reminding clients that interior design is about function and fashion. Color and accessories are to a room as jewelry is to apparel. When we’re putting those finishing touches on a room’s design, we like to step back and ask: What will make this pop?  What will stop a person in their tracks? What will make this room say something special?

Throw pillows are a lovely way to add jewel-tone interest.

This can be a good time to think of the three jewel colors. Using all three may be too much, so zero in on one to start. The main color should be about 60-percent in the space.  A secondary color should be about 30-percent. That leaves 10-percent for an accent color.  Sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green could fit any part of the formula.

Accessories are another means to add jewel tones. Throw pillows or candle sticks are always a good start. Wall art with one of the jewel tones as a dominant color can also be an option.

We end with a toast to the Shamrock for giving us some interior design pointers.

Do you use the “Rule of Three” in your home?

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