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Styling Your Home with a Clean Slate

5 Tips to Restyle Your Home in 2021

It was an unpredictable year, to say the least. No one could’ve forecasted the whirlwind that was 2020. And while there’s no telling how different things will be come January 2021, many can agree that the opportunity for a fresh, clean slate can encourage a more positive outcome for the new year.

Traditional goals and resolutions often entail losing weight, saving money or making time for a new hobby. But who says you can’t step outside the box and set a home-inspired resolution instead? Restyling your home and removing clutter can work wonders for your living space and encourage a clear mindset as well.

Here are a few tips for styling your home with a clean slate:

1. Declutter
Letting go of the clutter you’ve collected in the last year during quarantine can be a cleanse and home revamp in itself. When clearing out the chaos remind yourself of each room’s purpose. For instance, you shouldn’t have stacks of mail taking vacancy on the kitchen table. Likewise, your bedroom isn’t for the kids’ toys. Dispose of the items you don’t need, use or want, and rearrange everything in between.

2. Create a new organization system
Getting organized is the first step. Maintaining the hard work and keeping everything in its rightful place is the second half of the battle. Placing various shelving systems in different rooms of your home can help keep things in order and add style to the functionality of the living space.

3. Repaint the walls
If you’re looking for the ultimate refresh, painting the walls can satisfy your craving to change things up for the new year. According to Better Homes & Gardens, some of the trendy paint colors emerging in 2021 include those with earthy rust tones, as well as aqua, teal, apricot and a rich and bold gray-brown. This gives you plenty of options to work from that flow with your personal style and the look you want to achieve. Of course, you can always choose your own paint color that goes against the trends; express yourself!

4. Upgrade your furniture
Similar to painting the walls, new furniture can add a fresh new face to any room. This is a great move to consider if you haven’t updated your furniture in a decade, or you’re interested in downsizing to achieve a more minimalist look. Use your new wall color to inspire a new style, pattern and texture for seating arrangements and other complementary items.

5. Don’t forget the bells and whistles
Or in this case, the décor and accessories that tie everything together. This is a step to consider as you declutter and reorganize — if you removed accent décor from space, does it need to be replaced? New accessories can make your home feel complete again after cleaning things up.

Redesigning, styling and organizing your home all in one go can be more time-efficient, but it can also be an intimidating feat. If you’re ready to start the new year off with a clean slate but need some assistance, we are here to help.

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