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Contemporary design style breaks the traditional rules of design to create a casual, eclectic space that emphasizes the importance of comfort. 

Contemporary style blends a range of styles from the 20th century together to create a clean, simple look. This style uncovers the basics of line, shape, and form in each element of a room’s décor. The style prominently features elements from nature throughout color schemes, furniture, and room accessories. 

Characteristics of contemporary design include:

  • Furniture: Contemporary furnishings feature soft, rounded lines and are commonly made of natural elements like maple or birch wood. While these pieces don’t feature much detail or adornment, they can be accented with stainless steel, nickel, or chrome arms or legs. 
  • Fabric:  Natural fabrics like silks, linens, and cottons are often used throughout contemporary design. These fabrics can feature bold patterns but are typically used for their natural textures and neutral tones.
  • Lighting: Recessed lighting is common in contemporary design, as it provides the convenience of light without having to incorporate bulky overhead fixtures. Sleek, standing designs work well in this style, especially if they feature metallic elements. 
  • Colors:  The color choices in contemporary design are typically bold neutrals in rich shades of brown, taupe, and cream. These colors are typically accented with natural textures from fabrics, but are also easily accented with pops of color, be they in wall art or a decorative area rug.

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