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How to Wow Guests with an Outdoor Space

Ninety percent of Americans agree that outdoor living spaces are more valuable than ever. Whether we’ve come to this realization as a result of the 2020 pandemic or because millennials are prioritizing entertaining in their homes, about 58% of us plan to purchase outdoor furniture in 2021. This begs the question, where should you start? Here are a few tips to wow your guests with your outdoor living space.

ICFA 2021 Outdoor Trend Report Data

Sketch it out. Utilize the help of an interior design professional, a free online site plan property tool, or a pencil and paper to help you envision an outdoor space. This will help you plan for how much seating you’ll need for entertaining, the flow of foot traffic, and guide your purchasing decisions.

Invest in performance fabrics. Whether you are designing a covered screened porch or an open patio, your furniture should be made to withstand the wear and tear of the sun, wind, snow, and rain. Performance fabrics like Sunbrella or Crypton are stain, sun and fade resistant, features you’ll want to invest in for longevity. 

Set up entertainment zones. Outdoor area rugs, drapery, and lighting are great ways to create different zones for your guests. This helps to extend the vibes of your interior spaces to the outdoors. Consider using an area rug underfoot for a dining or kid zone. Install outdoor drapery and lighting to edge out a relaxation zone that will keep your guests coming back for the ambiance.

Plan an unexpected pop.  From toss pillows to porch ceilings, an unexpected pop of color is a sure way to wow friends and family. Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is commonly used to accent neutral and colorful design palettes.

Splurge on greenery. An outdoor living space without greenery is like having a home without a roof. A few potted plants or well-placed flower bed edging is a must to make an outdoor space look complete.

Whether it’s a front porch, screened porch, deck, or patio, with these tips you’ll be well on your way to making your outdoor space your favorite spot in your home.

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