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How to Incorporate Curves in Design

What areas of your home do you tend to be the most social in with guests? Is it your kitchen, den, living room, basement, screened porch or patio? Whatever room or rooms you love entertaining in consider incorporating curves into the design.

What do we mean by curves in design? 

When I first tour a client’s home I find a lot of their furnishings tend to have straight lines. From sofa backs to stools to coffee tables, rectilinear lines are often repeated throughout a home.

You may be surprised to learn that horizontal and vertical interior lines in excess can evoke a lack of emotion, in-turn creating an uninviting atmosphere in a home. Obviously, when decorating for social areas of a home we want to invoke feelings of comfort, enjoyment and beauty.

In a 2013 study about how architecture/interiors impact aesthetic judgements, participants were more likely to judge spaces as beautiful if they were curvilinear than rectilinear. As a designer, a key takeaway I share with my clients is to introduce a few curved furnishings into the social areas of the home to evoke beauty in the minds of visitors. 

Curves can help to encourage conversation.

What has been really strong for the last couple of years is curve back chairs. This is the perfect statement piece for a room that can help encourage conversation between guests. Picture two curve back chairs on the opposite side of a sofa or placed around a dining table.

You can take it up a notch by applying fabric to the back of the chairs in various colors and patterns that suit your design style. Don’t feel boxed in to using the same fabric throughout, try mixing it up with two different fabrics on the front and back of a rounded chair. 

When we talk about different design styles, contemporary furniture can get a bad wrap as it tends to include harsher lines than most other styles. Although a modern design look can be very strong with its lines, no matter your design style a professional interior designer will work to create custom furnishings in both curvilinear and rectilinear that will transform the entertainment spaces of your home.

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