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Four Uses of Fabric that Will Bring Out Your Color Personality

As featured in the Redfin article, Don’t Stop at Walls! 23 Unique Places You Probably Haven’t Thought of to Add Accent Colors to Your Home.

The neutral farmhouse vibe of home décor may have hit its peak and is taking a backseat to a new trend of adding brighter hues in a room’s design. The challenges of the last year have awoken a renewed sense of life in people. Homeowners and home buyers alike are searching for ways to incorporate a touch of vibrancy into their homes with unexpected pops of color. Vibrant colors evoke different senses in the human brain. The Art Career Project explains, “the way color affects our mental and emotional constitution dates to the ancient Egyptians who studied the effects of color on mood and used them to accomplish holistic benefits. For example, red was thought to increase circulation, orange to increase energy, and blue to soothe pain.” The colors that you’re drawn to also express parts of our personalities and help tell our unique stories.

From bright paint colors to intricate wallpaper patterns to accessories, there are certainly no shortages of opportunities to bring a bold hue into a design. At Jewel Marie Interiors we like to emphasize the use of fabric to bring in color to your home.

The first step is determining what colors speak to you and how you want your family and guests to feel in each room you are decorating. An experienced interior designer will help you focus on what those colors should be so you aren’t overwhelmed with the decisions.

Here are four ideas to utilize pops of colors with fabric into your home’s design.

High Point Furniture Market Showcase Spring 2021

High Point Furniture Market Showcase Spring 2021

1. Reupholster your dining room chairs or cushions with a colorful, energetic print. Ask yourself how you want people to feel when you’re hosting them in your dining space. Do you want the room to help stimulate sophisticated discussion or to have an air of whimsy and fun? You can even consider mixing and matching a solid color with an accent pattern that ties in to the overall design. 

2. Do you have extra upholstery fabric from past projects that you have tucked away in your home? Use the leftover fabric and place it in a frame with matting. Framed fabric art is a simple way to add interest and texture to your home without a lot of effort. Place the finished product on a sideboard, buffet table, coffee table, end table or simply hang on an accent wall for an eye-catching focal point.

High Point Furniture Market Showcase Spring 2021

3. Benches, accent chairs, sofas, sectionals, and ottomans really stand out with the right upholstery fabric selection. Typical big box furniture stores will have limited options for solid and print fabrics. Stretch out of your comfort zone by designing a custom furniture piece with a bright pop and then tie in coordinating accent pillows, throws and accessories to tie the room together and ease the color transition.


High Point Furniture Market Showcase Spring 2021

4. And last but not least, accent pillows donned with exquisite fabrics can take a neutral sitting area and give it that edge it needs. At Jewel Marie Interiors, Inc, we work with local seamstresses who can take the fabric you like and create any size accent pillow to pull together a room’s look and feel.

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