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Designer Tricks & Tips for Window Treatments

Interior Design Workshop Series: Video#1

Has the thought of adding or updating the window treatments in your home prevented you from taking the next step? There are so many options to choose from that it can seem like a daunting endeavor. Julie Shaheen, with Jewel Marie Interiors, dives into the world of window treatments to help you navigate the options available. In this video, discover what styles of soft and hard window treatments are right for your space, plus gain ideas of how to incorporate them into your home’s overall design.


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We love helping clients transform a room with beautiful, custom-made window treatments.

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  1. Guide you to the perfect window treatment option(s) for your space.
  2. Measure the space for the selected treatments.
  3. Place all necessary orders.
  4. Ensure that designs are built to your specification.
  5. Deliver and install the treatments to your satisfaction.
  6. Suggest other coordinated pieces to complete the design, such as bedding and furniture.

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