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5 Living Room Focal Point Ideas

Interior Focal Points that Make a Statement

No matter what your personal design style is, your living space needs a focal point. My Move describes the focal point as “one of the most fundamental elements in interior design.” It’s the place your eyes are drawn to the second you walk into the room; a point in the living room that the entire design can be shaped around to emphasize its importance. Typically, the perfect place for the focal point is at eye level — this makes the connection between your eyes and the feature simple and seamless.

If you’re in the process of redecorating or redesigning your living space, it’s easiest to begin with a specific existing feature that can be highlighted. Let’s dive into some great focal point examples to consider for a living room.

1. The fireplace
A working or faux fireplace is a perfect opportunity to make a statement in your home. Consider adding a bold coat of paint to the surrounding trim. You can also extending the fireplace design to the ceiling with tile, stone or woodwork to make a major statement.

2. Artwork
Emphasize the space above the fireplace or a seating area with large artwork. Remember to keep it as close to eye level as you can. You can pick a piece that flows with the rest of the design you’re planning, or take a fun design risk and choose a more striking piece — either can attract a lot of attention if executed correctly.


3. An accent wall
Accent walls are an easy opportunity to focus the attention of a room’s design. Use a fun wall paper print, even one with texture or a darker paint color to attract the eye.


4. An oversized sectional
A focal point isn’t limited to wall space, a large sectional can act as a focal point in a room. A designer can help you customize seat height and depth and surface area fabric to unite comfort with an eye-popping design.

5. A unique area rug
An area rug has a way of tying a room together and can make a beautiful focal point with the right color or pattern. We recommend contrasting it against the floor color to make a major statement.


Need More Guidance?

Perfecting your living room with a focal point doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re having a hard time finding the right feature to focus on in your living room schedule a discovery call with us. We’ll help you determine the best way to make a statement in your home with consulting hours or a full-service design.

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